Our Products

Air purifier filter

  • Household air purifier filter
  • HEPA H10/11/12/13/14 high efficiency filter
  • Polyester odor-reduction carbon filter
  • Honeycomb granular carbon, zeolite filter
  • Square, round filter
  • HEPA bundle honeycomb carbon filter
  • Corrugated paper carbon filter
  • Washable 70% efficiency HAF filter
  • Anti-virus coating

Cabin filter

  • Brand cabin filter
  • HEPA bundle carbon filter
  • Paper, plastic, non-woven frame
  • Customized cabin filter
  • Anti-virus coating

Industrial filter

  • Air-inlet and ventilation pre-filter
  • Pre-filter for building air-conditioner and factory ventilation
  • High air flow, low pressure-drop, high efficiency filter
  • Paper, galvanized and aluminum filter
  • Anti-virus, carbon odor-reduction filter

Miscellaneous filter media

  • Activated carbon filter
  • VOC/Zeolite filter
  • HEPA with honeycomb carbon combination
  • Anti-bacterial coating filter and material

Catalyst Corrugated Honeycomb carbon

Beehive structure for larger adsorption area

Honeycomb structure made of special fiberglass to improve gas adsorption and reaction speed

Washable 70% efficiency HAF filter

Material : PP film
Highly breathable, flexible, catchable particles with a particle size of 0.3um
Filtering efficiency:70%

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